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berg COMPUTERS announces its presence at JobShop®

Monday, March 12, 2012

berg COMPUTERS supports the initiatives of student organizations, initiatives that aim to put students at the beginning of their careers and companies in Timisoara face to face.

In this respect, we gladly accepted the invitation to participate in JobShop®, a career fair at its nineteenth edition, very popular within the students in Timisoara. Participation in JobShop grants berg COMPUTERS additional contact to the academic environment where students with passion for technology are studying daily. We expect to meet talented and enthusiastic young people well prepared to join our team. We participate in this event with several openings for Java and .NET developers, as well as developers for iPhone and Android mobile platforms.

We’ve also planned a visit to our headquarters in order to facilitate students’ access to further information about berg COMPUTERS, about our team and work environment. Several surprises have been prepared for the guests, among which a special prize consisting in a 4 weeks internship program at berg COMPUTERS. During this program, the winning student will be able to assimilate new theoretical knowledge but also to improve his/hers practical skills by working alongside our team of programmers. Other surprises will be revealed at the right time.

We look forward to JobShop® days and invite all students who want a career in programming to visit berg COMPUTERS booth in the fair and as well as our headquarters. We will give them the opportunity to prove they're ready to take the first step into their career and join a young and efficient team.