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berg COMPUTERS at its 4th participation in the Annual Symposium of CECCAR Arad

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

berg COMPUTERS attended "Ciuce Pavel" Symposium held in Moneasa by the Arad branch of the Body of Expert Accountants and Licensed Accountants of Romania between 14th and 16th of September 2012.

The event, at its 10th edition, approached ,,Corporate Governance and the Accounting Profession" theme and has benefited from the theoretical contribution of numerous experts in the field. berg COMPUTERS, as partner of the organizers, participated in the discussions showing how the bcManager Professional ERP solution supports accounting activities that take place in multinational companies but also in companies owning subsidiaries under different legal regimes.

berg COMPUTERS participation at the event organized by CECCAR Arad is a proof of involvement in professional activities of accountants and of concern about their specific problems. At the same time, its traditional collaboration with CECCAR Arad is a sign of interest of expert accountants towards the solutions offered each year by bcManager Professional ERP implementation consultants.