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berg COMPUTERS @ Liga AC LABS – 7 easy steps to apply to our labs

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Meeting students always makes us remember how passionate WE were in school. How eager we were to learn new interesting things outside the curriculum and to go the extra mile. That’s why, this year, for the second time, we partnered up with Liga AC LABS so that we could transfer our knowledge to YOU.

If you are as driven as we are to creating beautiful code, we think that the two berg COMPUTERS special labs will help you put in practice your technical skills and theoretical knowledge, in the best possible way, in a real world software company. Now, a little more about our labs:


LAB1: Internet & mobile banking application


  • Introduction to Developing Web Applications using JEE;
  • Introduction to Mobile Application Development using Android;
  • Improving knowledge of JAVA, SQL and OOP;
  • Knowledge of necessary tools for development of an enterprise application.


  • Implementation of web applications using Java Enterprise Edition;
  • Implementing a mobile client applications using the Android platform;
  • Back-end development of web services.

Need to know:

  • Java;
  • OOP;
  • SQL.


LAB2: Web Scraping and Content Aggregation with NodeJS and Pizza


  • Introduction in server side JavaScript;
  • Improving knowledge of JavaScript;
  • Create an aggregating site of several pizza menus in town.


  • Implementing an isomorphic / universal JavaScript application using React JS;
  • Developing an ETL using NodeJS.

Need to know:

  • Basic JavaScript;
  • Basic CSS (selectors mostly);
  • Basic React JS (would be nice).



  1. Come and see our presentation on February 28, during the LIGA AC LABS Opening;
  2. Learn more at the conference on the March 2, where you will meet the trainers and get some insights into the world of IT;
  3. Log In or Register on Liga AC LABS website;
  4. Apply to one of our labs;
  5. Don’t forget to put us on the top of your favorites list;
  6. Convince us of your ambition and programming knowledge by acing our test;
  7. Come at the labs and take a big step forward in programming.

You can find more information about how to apply HERE!