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Happy Programmers’ Day at berg COMPUTERS!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Software and technology make our world go round, fueled by the passion and intelligence of all the witty programmers out there. Behind every single line of code, there’s a savvy programmer, busy solving problems and turning ideas into clever pieces of software, so we should all take the time to be thankful. As a token of appreciation, every year, on the 256th day, the world celebrates International Programmers’ Day. In leap years such as 2016, that’s September 12.

Wait, did anyone say party?

We couldn’t let this moment just go by, so we decided to throw a little party for our fellow programmers. Our garden was, once again, the perfect place to spend some quality time chatting and laughing. The weather was nice and the food was even nicer as we celebrated with yummy homemade burgers and the sweetest profiterole for each of our coder brothers and sisters.

Once again, thank you all for what you do. Technology keeps getting better every year thanks to your contributions!

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