Berg Software, 2021 AD: an exhilarating climb for the 30th anniversary

For everyone in the software industry, 2021 has been an extra year of significant shifts. Recovering after a shattering 2020, both the software development companies and their clients have found ways to adapt to “the new normal”.

For Berg Software, this meant focusing on three big areas:

  • First and foremost, we kept expanding our technological base, so we could always offer the best solutions to clients’ needs.
  • We strengthened our expertise in the field of digitalization, to properly accommodate the market opportunities.
  • Last but not least, we have built new partnerships while celebrating our 30th Anniversary.
Berg Software - End-to-end tests an GitLab integration - 00 Cover


In 2021 A.D., the best adjectives to describe the software development field are “hyper-dynamic” and “ever-evolving”. Our best answer? A team of most-curious software developers to find appropriate, future-proof solutions to clients’ challenges. This way, we’re in a win-win situation: we keep ourselves at the innovative edge of the industry and have super-happy clients.

The 10(-ish) technology-related articles that we published in 2021 are the proof of a vast, high-performance tech base:

Berg Software - Digitalisation


For the last years, “digitalization” has been one of the areas with the biggest impact on the software industry. We have seen it with multiple clients who count on us to support (and sometimes lead) their digitalization processes.

Because “digitalization” is a term that anyone can understand their own way, we have put together a “Digitalisation How-To” series that covers both the business- and the tech-related elements of it. Here are the most important articles in the series:

Berg Software - Digitalisation

Berg Software’s 30th Anniversary, partnerships

“Software development since 1991.” Yup, that’s us – and it’s hard to express how proud we are to celebrate 30 years in this continuous tornado of the software industry. But we did put our minds and hearts together, through a series of articles that talk about:

And then, on November 13. (the precise day of our 30th anniversary), we have concluded the partnership: Berg Software joined the bigger family of AROBS companies! This is an important turning point for us, as it opens the door for even higher-scale synergies and projects.

So… whoa! This was an exhilarating year, with climb after climb after climb. Until we touch into 2022, why don’t you tell us: how was *your* year?
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