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4 IT Outsourcing Trends You Definitely Should Consider This Year

Friday, January 18, 2019

The demand for software outsourcing teams has increased in recent years and it’s important for small and large IT firms to always keep up with trends in the global market. Enterprises are interested in pairing up with companies that will give them an edge over the competition and that are ahead of the wave. It's not easy finding Top Offshore Software Development Companies but here are four trends we believe are decisive right now!

Rise of Alternative IT Outsourcing Countries

India, China and Malaysia are the leading outsourcing countries, and in recent years destinations of Central & Eastern Europe, in particular Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic and Belarus, are becoming the new software development hot spots. These countries are determined to take away a piece of the outsourcing business pie from the current top three destinations by offering a great balance of competitive pricing, high quality, and English fluency.

As a result, although Asian countries will also witness growth, CEE countries will up their game and start to offer edge and innovation at a good pricing.

Multi-Vendor Environments

Big companies started to outsource their services to multiple vendors, as one IT partner sometimes is not enough to run different business operations. Firms are looking for more specific expertise and a narrower specialization from their IT outsourcing collaborator.

These multi-vendor environments will thrive in 2019 and as a result, in the coming years,  IT companies will focus their attention to specific areas, industries and particular technical skills. So the secret for standing out from the crowd and having a competitive advantage over others is to offer a wider range of knowledge and quality services under a single roof.

Cloud Sourcing

With so many businesses migrating to cloud, demand for cloud computing is already going strong. Cloud usage is not so much of a fresh piece of news, but its usage will become even more prominent this year and affect even small and medium enterprises. Its role is to reduce hardware costs, increase scalability and productivity.

As a result, there will be an increased need for public cloud platforms for data storage, as service providers will need to provide more data centers and equipment. Also, IT companies have the chance to specialize in cyber security as this type of threats become an even bigger concern in cloud environments.

Intelligent Automation and Software Robots

One of the outsourcing trends that will trigger changes in the nearest future is automation. Companies are increasingly showing interest and investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robot Process Automation (RPA). RPA is said to be one of the important technologies of the decade and bots & virtual agents will be more and more responsible for streamlining the routine tasks.

As a result, when it comes to choosing an outsourcing firm, companies consider capabilities around RPA a real deciding factor. Software vendors will include automation in their services and there will be an increased demand for AI experts, big data analysts and professional data scientists.


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