4 Steps to Get into the Christmas Spirit at the Office

As Christmas time falls upon us, we wanted to create a more festive atmosphere at the office and make it a December to remember. These are our 4 Christmas activities that got everyone excited:

First step: decorate all the trees!

It’s a great bonding activity to gather Christmas ornaments and decorate the tree along with your teammates. You get a nice relaxing break from coding and positive Christmas vibes as you hang the shiny ornaments. Don’t forget about the lights and play some cheese carols as you transform your office in a warm christmassy wonderland.

Second step: organise an office Secret Santa!

Hot chocolate check, gingerbread cookies check, super nicely decorated tree check, presents check! Put all your colleagues names in a bowl and let everyone draw a random name, which will represent the person they will get the chance to give a nice personalized gift. This way, you will learn more about your teammates and make someone’s day better! We’ve been really nice because we got a lot of amazing gifts and had a great time unwrapping them!

Third step: give back!

Of course, it’s that time of the year when you need to also think about others and the office is the perfect place to get a group of people to gather toys and sweets for kids in your community, who need a little bit of joy. We got involved in a city event that had the objective to gather 1000 presents for disadvantaged children from the countryside. We also had a great time preparing and wrapping the presents.

Fourth step: have fun at a themed Christmas party!

I’m sure it was a busy year for everybody so we all need a good Christmas bash as a reward for our hard work. Our theme this time was Hollywood Glam, so we dressed as fancy as ever and enjoyed a night on the town (that’s one idea). We got to walk the red carpet, we granted Oscars and practiced our poses in the photo booth. The food was absolutely delicious (yes, we are big foodies) and the party was both fancy and cozy.

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