Biomedical Software Engineering⁠— Lab Automation, Automated Liquid Handling, Product Improvement

Berg Software is highly specialized in Biomedical Software Engineering- Lab automation, Automated Liquid Handling, and Product Improvement. In the last 12 + years, we were partners in sophisticated software development projects for global pharma and medical companies.  

Accuracy & speed are the lifeblood of biomedical services _

The biomedical industry leaves no room for mistakes or delays. Our primary focus is to provide top-quality custom software solutions that eliminate the risks associated with manual tasks, providing quick and highly accurate results.

Over 12 years of industry know-how in Biomedical Software Engineering_

In our 12 years of experience in the biomedical industry, we worked on projects that helped our clients offer exceptional services. We constantly analyze human needs and design complex biomedical software solutions that respond to them. We use the latest technologies and our industry expertise to provide clinical laboratories with customized solutions that meet their specific needs.

International portfolio _

Over the years, we have worked with key global players from this industry on complex biomedical software engineering systems.

Our portfolio is built around long-term business relationships with partners from Germany and other European countries. Our shared professionalism, innovation, and responsibility values have led to fruitful collaborations.

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Our expertise _

Biomedical Software Engineering

Lab Automation

Biomedical Software Engineering

Automated Liquid Handling

Biomedical Software Engineering

Product Improvement

Lab Automation _

We work on complex lab automation solutions for businesses in the biomedical industry, helping them overcome the tech challenges of today’s fast-paced environment.

Lab automation improves clinical processes both in terms of speed and quality. Advanced clinical automation software significantly reduces the number of manual and repetitive tasks, improves the accuracy of results, increases the speed of many processes, and lowers costs.

We work on projects such as:

  • Workflow scheduling
  • Electronic laboratory notebook
  • Lab Management & Consulting
  • Maintenance tasks automation
  • Sample storage & management
  • Automation of biomedical testing
  • Customized integrated solutions
  • Complex robot workflows
  • Throughput enhancement

Automated Liquid Handling _

Automate complex laboratory workflows using an Automated Liquid Handling solution. By eliminating manual pipetting, the risks of errors are significantly reduced. Other benefits include workflow reproducibility, improved tracking, reduced hands-on time, and more precise control over samples.

We understand that every laboratory is different and has to deal with its own set of challenges. Our experts can create a custom solution tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

We work on projects such as:

  • Robotic liquid handlers
  • Sample preparation
  • Sample content detection
  • Aliquotation-distributing liquid content in several sample tubes
  • Safeguards for liquid integrity preservation

Product Improvement _

Continuous product improvement is essential for keeping up with the latest industry trends and standards. If you already have automated software solutions for your laboratory and want to expand your capabilities, our team can help. We review, improve, and integrate your existing software solutions.

We work on projects such as:

  • Clinical tests
  • Continuous system integration

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