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Because of size, speed, and complexity, enterprise web applications are a special field that requires solid, cross-functional expertise.

This is why, at Berg Software, we stand by you every step of the way – from supporting your internal buy-in, to futureproof application design, integration with legacy software, distribution, and support.

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Berg Software - Application design excellence

Application design excellence

Not all future development pathways are known from the very beginning. It takes a special degree of expertise for the engineering team to first design, then build applications that stand the test of time.

At Berg Software, we push for the best understanding of customer’s vision and goals, and translate them into flexible, expandable architectures. Whether in 5 months or 5 years, you can be sure that your enterprise web application is still fully functional and technologically performant.

Berg Software - Enterprise web applications - Legacy software

Legacy software

Bringing new applications on top of legacy software is usually complicated. Even routine activities (such as maintenance, testing, integration, data migration etc.) have the potential of blowing up into complicated challenges.

Berg Software’s developers stood the test of legacy software fire in countless projects. We bring outstanding experience in working with complex systems that need upgrading, connecting, and integrating with your legacy software.

Berg Software - Enterprise web applications - mobile ui-ux

Mobile UI / UX

Running enterprise web applications on mobile devices can be challenging. Either because of the complex structure or because of the large amount of information that needs to be served, you will need a customized UI/UX approach.

Our Angular experts have developed unique UI/UX concepts that streamline information flows and deliver the appropriate level of interactivity. Your mobile enterprise web application will not be just a shrunk version of its desktop sibling, but a mature, beautiful, and functional member of your app “family”.

Berg Software - Scalability and distribution

Scalability & distribution

Enterprise software delivery systems can come in many shapes and forms. From proprietary, on-premise systems to cloud and anything in-between, they all have specific mixes of pros and cons.

At Berg Software, we focus on scalability, regardless of infrastructure specifics. Our strong cloud expertise comes on top of a long on-premise history, thus being able to assist our customers with the appropriate scalability & distribution solutions.

Berg Software - Enterprise web applications - Support before

Support: before

Enterprise decision making can be slow and fragmented. Our clients’ projects involve multiple stakeholders, spread across geographies and expertize areas (e.g. finance, sales & marketing, technology etc.).

Because we partner for the long term, we pour all the effort in, even before your project starts. You can count on all our support when it comes to building momentum and reaching internal buy-in. No matter whether you look at ROI scenarios or features map: Berg Software is your ally in documenting and kick-starting the project.

Berg Software - Enterprise web applications - Support after

Support: after

An enterprise web application’s lifetime does not end with the initial deployment/delivery. Quite the opposite: it needs more work, either as further development or as permanent maintenance and tech support.

Long-term software projects need long-term stability. At Berg Software, 35% of the personnel have been with us for more than 10 years, thus ensuring a continuous, solid base for clients’ needs. By expanding your partnership with Berg Software post-deployment, you can make sure that maintenance and tech support are performed by the original team, instead of third-parties.

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