Preventive maintenance of manufacturing lines in a factory

Preventive maintenance of manufacturing lines in a factory _

A software product for preventive maintenance of production lines in a factory. The application allows the engineers to register new machines, mark the points where the operations need to take place and the scheduled interval for each point, then display a day-to-day calendar for the cleaning, inspection, and lubrication activities. It generates reports on successful / failed events.

Client _

  • Dalli
  • Manufacturing company
  • <2000 employees

Business case _

  • Digitize the equipment maintenance within a manufacturing plant

Industry _

Project type _

  • SAP Fiori

Technology _

  • SAPUI5
  • HANA
  • Spring Boot
  • Java
  • OData v4

Challenges _

Because final users are no software engineers, the product needs to be as straightforward as possible:

  • Make it simple and easy to define checkpoint points on a machine in an explicit visual manner.
  • Never miss a deadline for maintenance activities.
  • Provide real-time statistical reports about each machine’s functional / technical parameters.

Solutions _

We met client’s high expectations with a series of cross-technology solutions:

  • Implement a mobile JavaScript application that allows the engineer to take and import a machine’s picture, then mark verification points directly on it.
  • Integrate a visual calendar that manages preventive maintenance planning for each machine over an extended period of time.
  • Integrate with existing recorded data, pulled from PLC devices, about the machine’s parameters.

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