5 Big Ways Software Outsourcing Can Help Your Startup

For startups, outsourcing software development processes may be the best solution to jump in the market at a minimum cost, the shortest time possible and with the most expertise. Outsourcing is probably the fastest and most efficient method to ramp and scale very quicky, which makes it vital for startups. Here are the best reasons why you should do it:

1. Lower costs

Outsourcing is almost always the most cost-effective option for startups. 46% of startups fail because they run out of money so lowering software development costs by outsourcing implies saving some budget. Also, outsourced teams do not generate costs like rent for an office, electricity, coffee, equipment and so on.

2. Scaling up or down

The great thing about outsourcing is that the pricing is flexible – you can choose to pay hourly or a fixed rate for Outsourced Software Development Projects and you can give up a part of the project if your budget is tight. Outsourcing is like an on-demand service: you know your costs per hour/ developer and you can balance the money you have to get what the startup needs out of the partnership.

3. Experience and talent

There are a lot of startups that have successfully built their products by leveraging outsourced teams. The reason is that through outsourcing you will get immediate access to a world of specialists with expertise in every skill and technology and that can give advice about what the best software solution might be to meet the objectives.

4. Frees up a lot of time

By giving away the software development component, you will be able to concentrate on your core business, marketing and sales, leaving software development and testing to professionals. They know how it is done better than your team and have!

5. Better risk management and security

To help manage risks you can outsource parts of your project to different service providers. Also, security flaws can put sensitive information in the company at risk and outsourcing software development will give you a better chance to be protected against IT security breaches, making the process as secure as possible.

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