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The DIGITAL FUTUREcongress virtual (26.-28.05.2020) is the first three-day online congress fair for digitization in medium-sized companies. Originally scheduled as two live events in Frankfurt and Münich, it now morphs into a virtual event platform.


1. How do you keep stakeholders’ engagement high during long-running projects?

You can start with basic interactions, such as:
— frequently show them the progress and what has been build;
— ask for feedback and take it into consideration;
— involve them in estimations and planning.

Then, you can make it more dynamic:
— use face-to-face meetings (incl. virtual ones) to whiteboard new ideas;
— invite the stakeholders to development team’s daily meetings, where they can get a taste of coordination level and iteration progress;
— make sure their project contribution is mentioned in their personal evaluation.”

Very important: when everyone is safe and healthy again, make sure to celebrate in person the latest project achievements.


2. What are the advantages of a flexible contract model, versus traditional contracts?

  1. The flexible contracts can be agreed and signed quicker. This leaves more time for higher value activities, like actually building the product.
  2. Higher cost savings for the customer. A flexible contract usually breaks down a big SOW (Statement of Work) into smaller, flexible work packages. Therefore, the supplier will not include contingencies, resulting in a lower development cost.

For more information on this topic, please also see the case study: Enterprise communication regulation b/w contracting parties


3. How can I convince my managers to start an agile software development project, instead of working the traditional way, with fixed prices and deadlines?

Although Agile has been mainstream for a while and it has a long list of benefits, it still can be difficult to convince someone who never tried it. The theory might be clear, but the lack of practice can lead to hesitation.

The biggest element against hesitation is the low risk associated with Agile. Try starting with one single sprint, and build-up trust. If everything is smooth, go on. If not, you can stop early, before bigger investments are made (time, effort, money).

For more information on this topic, please also see the client interview: ProLion on Berg Software: three reasons for a great partnership.


4. Do you have an example of a completed digital transformation project and what kind of challenges did you solve?

We recently delivered a web application that maximizes the loading degree of the machines on a manufacturing company’s production line.

Because the machines are very expensive, the plant manager has to keep them busy. Therefore, the application facilitates the weekly planning of the specific operations of a given manufacturing process, and monitors the plan execution.

Since this was a completely customized software based on client’s needs and specifications, it mainly worked with unstructured data. Therefore, we had several challenges:
— Allow the workshop operators to interact with the application even when away from the workstation.
— Display all the critical data in a single comprehensive page.
— Define new complex products along the way, based on existing data.

For more information on this topic, please also see the case study: Preventive maintenance of manufacturing lines in a factory.

What you get @ Digital Future Virtual Congress

During the three days, you can attend live lecture, workshops and chats on five major areas:

  1. Online Marketing & Sales
  2. Process Optimization & Communication
  3. New work & Future thinking
  4. Cyber ​​Security & Data Security / IT Law
  5. Digitization & Transformation

As of 08.05.2020. there are 59 exhibitors’ booths, 50+ speeches and 10 workshops, to cover pretty much any and all of your digitalisation questions.


Berg Software @ Digital Future Virtual Congress


At Berg Software, we strongly believe that digitalising your core expertise can multiply your specific strengths, to deliver increased value to your clients. We think customised software is the right approach for it, therefore:

At Berg Software’s virtual booth

you can talk with our experts about how custom software and core process digitalisation work. We have a strong track of bringing software products from .ppt to .done, and can support you in imagining, structuring and developing your own. (For more information, please check our Custom Software Development page.)

Our workshop: Stakeholder engagement in Agile project development

will give you some ideas on how to manage software development projects in a lean and effective way, while keeping track of progress and budgets (Thu, 27.05.2020 @ 11:00 CET).

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