Berg Software is 30 years young!

Yes, you read that right: in 2021 we celebrate 30 years of continuous, high-performance software development.

And as with all celebrations, we’d love to have a speech about “what got us here”: a trio made of people, values, and technology itself. We’ll take the time to talk about each of them in a dedicated article, but here’s the brief:

Berg Software’s people

One thing that sets Berg Software apart is that people tend to join and stay with us. Like, for very long. As of today, almost 30% of our team have been with Berg Software for 10 years or longer, and 15% for at least 20 years. By any benchmarks, this is unusual.

There are software developers who are with us since 1990s: Dorian (COO), Ionut (Software Architect), Adi (BUM), Bogdan (Software Architect), Eugen (BUM), Dani (Senior Software Engineer), Virginia (Project Manager), Alina (Senior Software Engineer).

…Some who joined after 2000: Adi (Team Leader), Calin (Project Manager), Marius (Senior Software Engineer), Vlad (Senior Software Engineer), Anca (Senior Software Engineer).

…And those who came on board within the last years or months, continually pumping freshness into Berg Software.

This makes for a great mix of experience and energy, spread across functions, levels and technologies. And, while we thank everyone for their commitment, hard work and the joy of working together, we also want to tell some of their stories of personal growth and development. So, make sure to check the next post(s).

Berg Software’s values

People are empowered by values. And we have said it before, that we are resilient, yet agile; we have the hard skills, and the soft ones.

But it goes well beyond:

  • “togetherness” and adaptation served us through good times and challenging ones
  • the culture of delivering high-quality work reassures our clients that we, both as a company and as individuals, have their back for the long run
  • intertwined with them all: continually developing as individuals and as a business.

It sounds straightforward, but values and culture take a looong time to develop. And with the 30 years anniversary, we might be at the point to talk about it.

30 years’ technologies

…And if we talk about “development”, few things are as dynamic as the evolution of the software industry. Within 30 years, we’ve seen a lot of technologies, and got our fingers into most of them.

“Back in our days” in 1991, it was the FoxPro 2.6 MS Dos, to be followed by C++, Visual C++ 1.0, Lotus Notes and Visual Basic during the ‘90s. Still before 2000 we started playing with database servers, such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, then we crossed the millennium into Java, C#, .NET, HTML and JavaScript.

During 2010s we have evolved with cloud technologies like Azure and AWS, only to hit straight into SAP Fiori, SAP Hana and ABAP. All along, we worked with multiple mobile/web/hybrid frameworks and platforms, such as JEE, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Angular, React, Eclipse RCP, Android, ASP, ASP .NET, MVC, ASP.NET Core, CI/CD, DevOps, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible etc.


It’s been quite a tech ride, and we’re sure it’s not going to stop soon. But hey! we got great stories about it. So once more, make sure to catch up during the next weeks.
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