Berg Software: the open, independent & reliable 30-years-old “millennial”

As we’re approaching Berg Software’s 30 Years Anniversary, we have our introspective moments: What do we stand for? What are the values we stick for? What do our people and the clients expect from us? What does the future hold, beside midlife crises?

Some of the answers are simpler:

First, we strongly believe that in software development, before the software itself, it’s about the people. We might be into one of the toughest B2B fields, but it is still about individuals dealing with other individuals. Therefore, we value personal skills as much as the technical ones.

We also live in an open world where just “sitting in a box” is detrimental to everyone, whether clients or employees. While being self-aware of strengths and weaknesses, it is even more important to be outward-looking to clients’ needs, market opportunities and technology developments.

With these in mind, we got a napkin and mapped our “values”. There’s zero surprise that the upper half (“Personal”) is more crowded than the lower part (“Technical”). However, we got an aha! moment seeing that we value “Open mindedness”, “Empowerment”, “Flexibility & agility” across the board.

So, let’s detail some:

Berg Software - map of company values 900px

Passion and dedication

At Berg Software, we feel lucky to have met the people we have: individuals who joined us because they want to build something special and leave their mark. “The Berg people” are serious about their work and do what needs to be done. They don’t just “ship it”, but make sure “it” serves clients’ objectives. These are highly personal traits, as they come from the fire within (i.e., stand high-top-left).

Freedom, independence & empowerment

Our team is empowered to have initiative, propose their own solutions, do things on their own, and stand for their own success and learnings. Yes, there are procedures that need to be followed – but “in software” (once more) it’s less about strictly controlling the people, and more about creativity and freedom leading to the common goal.


“We’re all in this together.” This is what we hear, over and over again, from our team who always support each other. Yes, we highly value independence, but we’ll always choose respectful team work over individual personalities.

Flexibility & agility

Still at personal level, we are exceptionally inclusive when it comes to its employees’ personal lives. Yes, the last two years made us all more understanding of each other’s needs, but with Berg Software the support was (and will be) always at “a question’s length”. Need more time with your kids? Done. Need more time with your spouse? Done. Want to be alone for one month in Africa? Done. (Yes, we’re now waiting for our colleague to return and tell-us-all-about-it.)

Then, there’s technical flexibility and agility. Sure, everyone works Agile nowadays. But the way we see it, flexible / agile software can easily accommodate clients’ changes without huge refactoring. Building adaptable software comes from experience and flair, and can be transmitted to younger software developers joining us.

Job well done

Among the traits we look for in software developers are their attention to detail and their taking responsibility for own work. This is yet another personal/cultural thing that results from our (hyper-)focus on quality services, and it served our happy clients since forever.

Building relationships

We said it before: we don’t do software development just for the sake of software development. We always look at client’s needs and goals, and we do our absolute best to support them. That’s why, the best software developers will look to understand the individual clients and their businesses, eventually building relationships first, then software second.


So, here you have it: Berg Software’s values as a napkin map. If you’re a client, you now know why and how we always have your back covered. If you’re an employee or prospective applicant, Berg Software treasures your coding powers and personal skills. For all of you: let’s keep the great work for the next 30 years, too!

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