Berg Software Supports The Amazing Women In Tech

The software industry is such a boys playground and women in the technology industry comprise just a very small percentage. Women have always been a minority in the tech sector. There are not many women software developers or system administrators as the number of working women in technology is significantly lower than in other fields.

But did you know that women were among the first programmers during the early 20th century and have shaped the evolution of the industry? Also, more and more companies and schools encourage girls to pursue careers in engineering, science and technology, equalizing the gender scale.

The industry is trending toward organisations supporting more women to choose tech careers and Berg Software is part of this movement as 45% of our employees are women and 45% of our managers are women.

We have a lot of amazing women coders who bring creativity, knowledge and enthusiasm to the office each day. Our advice to them is to take ownership for what they know and seize opportunities to use their skills!

We believe that each company needs to promote diversity, which ensures a wider range of experience and supporting women needs to be a top focus for organizations as well! Learn more about our team at!

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