Flip-Flops and Sunglasses at our Berg Summer Party

The company summer party is our favourite event that every year gets us closer together and closer to some delicious food and drinks. Mihai, our developer/DJ, entartained us with tropical house vibes and our HR and Marketing team prepared the snacks and drinks. This year, the party was a little bit different as we installed an awesome pool right in our backyard, that kicked it up a notch! The pool (with funny floats, of course) was the main attraction for our developers who wanted to get refreshed in the hot July weather. Being a pool party, the theme was “flip-flops and sunglasses”, accessories that went well with beach towels, sun hats and some very evil water guns. The most popular cocktails that we served were Aperol Spritz, Cuba Libre and the already famous Berg shots, along with delicious lemonade. The BBQ could not miss from this perfect picture and the homemade local desserts. If you want to be part of our team and come to our next party, apply for our jobs here!
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