How to Choose the Right Software Outsourcing Partner in 6 Steps

It’s not easy finding a software outsourcing company that is compatible with your organisation and has the competencies to get you the best results. Because we have 28+ years experience in developing long lasting relationships with clients, as their software development partner, here’s a couple of steps we believe you should take in order to choose the best nearshoring/offshoring company.

1. Define what you need or want first

.. and it will be a lot easier going forward. Ask yourself this! Do you need an outsourcing partner to cover all your company’s software projects or you just need a team to develop an app or an internal software? Do you need backend developers, frontend developers, designers, testers, business analysts? Also, are you looking for a firm that will develop an IT strategy and be a consultant or do you have the necessary knowledge? Are you outsourcing an entire project or just a part?

2. Establish a company persona

The best way to choose the perfect partner for you is to clearly define your ideal software development company persona. Start by choosing if you want to do nearshoring or offshoring, if you want a big company or maybe a small one with focus on clients is sufficient. Continue by establishing the technologies in which you want to code and the workflow. Make a list of qualities you look for in a business partner and the turn offs.

3. Find some companies

In choosing the right outsourcing firm, you need to do some research and maybe not stop at the first one you find online. You can stumble upon outsourcing firms using Google, forums like Quora, professional networks, outsourcing and software vendors platforms. You can also choose a third party to get you the best match. Going to events, seminars and conferences is also a great way to meet in person people from software companies. Also, put emphasis on the company’s reputation. We strive to become one of the best software development companies in Romania.

4. Learn more about the companies you choose

After you draft a short list of promising companies, think about what type of expertise you want the company to have related to the technologies you want to work with like Java, JavaScript, .Net, C#, Angular, SAP etc. Have a look at what kind of experience they gained in the industry, how many completed projects the company has, as well as how many clients and employees they have.

It’s important to find people there that are passionate about their job and the industry. You create a partnership, not a transaction. Speak in terms of goals and business requirements and let your partner tell you how to get there with their IT expertise.

5. Look for cultural compatibility and communication skills

Of course competencies are vital, but also, it’s important to have a good communication with your business partner. For example bad English, short answers and delayed emails are a red flag. Also, you need good project managers, proactive developers and analysts that will do anything to find the best solution for you. Your new programmers have to be on the same page as you regarding your company culture and home country culture. Also, look at the economical and financial status of the region where your partner works.

6. Balance the price tag and quality factors

You’re probably looking for a Top Custom Software Development Company that will give you the lowest cost and the best expertise. Stop looking for unicorns and start putting in balance the cost, the talent and the availability of an outsourcing firm. It’s more important to get things done good than do them cheap but with delays and problems. From this angle, Eastern Europe is an attractive location for finding a very good specialized outsourcing partner at a lower cost.

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