5★ Jobs @ Berg Software: Skills, empowerment & fun

What makes a good job? How do people choose their employer – especially in a highly dynamic field, such as software? Once “there”, what keeps them in place?

At Berg Software, after 29 years of business, we have some hints. Our colleagues spend on average 7+ years in the company, and more than 35% of the current team have been with us for more than 10 years.

We identified six main areas that appear to impact an applicant’s employment choices:

  • Continuous learning
  • Flexible schedule
  • Office environment
  • Money
  • Perks
  • Fun

Let’s explore them together:

Continuous learning

“The only constant in life is change” – yes, *especially* in a software developer’s life. Both technology and your understanding of it evolve, and we’re doing our absolute best to support your continuous learning journey.

At Berg Software, you will be guided by our specialists in learning new and exciting skills and technologies to work with. By becoming our colleague, you will have access to interesting and up-to-date trainings that can foster your professional growth.

For junior developers

Our three-pillars development program offers:

  • Free access to learning materials (e.g. books, online classes etc.) to expand your knowledge.
  • Hands-on, practical application of your skills: first on internal projects; then gradual, guided coding on client projects.
  • Active mentorship done by senior developers.

As a mid- / senior developer

you can benefit from:

  • Stack expansion: if you feel like refreshing / updating / redirecting your tech stack, we fully support you with management guidance and access to challenging projects.
  • Development of managerial skills: whether you’re interested in methodologies (e.g. Agile) or raw management skills = courses, conferences, bootcamps.

As a steady and rather small company, we take pride in personally caring of our team. Starting with the point-zero of onboarding, you are not thrown to the wolves, but empowered and guided for professional success.

Berg Software - Daily standup

Flexible work schedule

Being part of our team, you can adjust your working hours to suit your needs and increase your productivity. It’s important that you work when you feel the most inspired.

First, you have the high flexibility of working hours: with the exception of fixed meetings and calls, it is up to each of our colleagues to decide their daily schedule. There’s no “fixed 9-to-5 with 1h lunch break”, so you can be fluid and efficient during the day. As long as you keep an eye on deadlines and deliverables, feel free to schedule time for your family, personal health, friends or pets.

Second, work from home is now the general rule. We deeply care about our team’s health and safety, so we expanded the already-existing WFH plans. At Berg Software, we worked in various WFH scenarios for the last 25+ years, which incidentally adapted us to extended lockdowns. We always supported a flexible approach, which nowadays can go up to 0-100%, based upon our staff’s individual needs.

Attractive office space

We stay away from the hectic urban life and we thoroughly enjoy the ambiance of our green backyard and terrace every day. Coffee tastes better when you’re savoring it with your colleagues in Berg Lounge.

Berg Software’s office is located just outside Timisoara’s city limits. While unusual for a software company, we’re happy about the benefits:

  • No matter where you are in Timisoara, the average driving time to our office is ~16min (e.g. 11’ from Unirii Square, 13’ from Iulius Mall, 19’ from Mehala, 23’ from Shopping City).
  • Once here, the parking is always available and free of charge.
  • The open terrace, green garden and friendly cats make it a quiet, pollution-free, feels-like-home working place.
  • If you’re the indoors type, you will definitely enjoy the 2020-redesigned offices and social spaces.
  • Then at the end of the day, should you want to chill, you can take on the gym equipment.

Competitive remuneration

We are offering you a competitive remuneration package with good career prospects. For us it’s important that you feel respected, appreciated by everyone that you interact with at work and feel that you are valued.

As everywhere in software, your salary is based upon technology expertise and seniority level: as your skillset expands and your challenges get higher, so does your payment plan.

What makes Berg Software special is our remuneration competitivity. We have the freedom to go beyond the rules – as a result, our compensation plans have always been graded consistently at 4.5★ and above, by prominent employee-review portals.


Our colleagues have the opportunity to choose from an extensive package of benefits that includes:

Supplementary, private health insurance: we partner with private insurance companies and selected medical clinics to offer extended free access to blood analysis, consulting, as well as 2D-echo, MRI scans, computer tomography and X-rays imaging.

Public transportation discounts: if you don’t drive to work, Berg Software offers a 73% discount / payback to your monthly transportation pass.

Sport facilities: you can either play with the on-premise equipment, or cash-in a fixed amount payback for your preferred gym.


  • Meal vouchers;
  • Birthday voucher;
  • Various further discounts;
  • Extra holidays (based upon time with Berg Software).

Team buildings, parties & events

We know how to keep a good work-play balance in our activities, and we organize Snack Fridays, summer and winter parties, monthly celebrations, thematic events, team buildings and birthday surprises.

During the last years, we had countless parties to let steam off: beer-biking in Budapest, summer-long pool chill in our garden, swim-and-hike team buildings, Hawaiian / Mexican / Halloween-themed parties… you name it. (We mean that literally: just shoot us the next idea!)

If you think of joining us, we’d love to power on together, both in work and fun!

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