Migrating Your Business to the Cloud: 5 Huge Advantages

Cloud is one of the biggest trends right now and it attracts all types of companies and entrepreneurs by offering exceptional benefits. Migration of mobile, web or desktop applications to Cloud increases revenue, decreases costs and improves customer satisfaction.

What is Cloud migration?

Cloud migration is a process of partial or complete deployment of IT resources, data, services, digital assets, apps or other business elements on a Cloud platform. These are some of the advantages of transfering your business to the Cloud:

1. Scalability

As businesses grow and evolve, they need more space to cope with increasing demands. That’s why the Cloud is an ideal platform for companies with a fluctuating market. Cloud-based services can scale up or scale down operational and storage needs of IT infrastructure. Cloud services also provide autoscaling, which allows you to take on more services when needed while turning them off when they are not needed.

2. Improved Cost Management

With Cloud solutions, there is no need to purchase expensive systems and equipment because your businesses can use the infrastructure capacity of a Cloud service provider. Companies are able to significantly reduce their budget by lowering power and people costs. When you move to the Cloud, some of the charges go to the provider like maintenance, software or licensing. IT overheads will be reduced significantly by promoting a pay as you go cost strategy.

3. Disaster Recovery

Cloud protects backup data from sudden power failure, natural disaster, or other crisis. As a result, companies can easily and quickly access their data from the Cloud without losing continuity and productivity. The backups will allow you to continue your work, and the logs may provide some critical information about the issue that existed in the first place. Backup and logging services are extremely important if you need to perform disaster recovery and see where the problem was.

4. Mobility & Flexibility

You already know that Cloud-based data and applications are accessible anytime, anywhere across the globe. So, with Cloud services, your team won’t need to be at a specific location to deploy, update, or fix issues. They can access all the required data while working at a plant, from home, visiting consumers at their offices or performing other on-field operations. Also, Cloud solutions allow multiple users to share and work on data at the same time.

5. Enhanced Security Features

What would happen if you lose your laptop or the machine on which you have all your important data crashes? If you store the data in Cloud, it can be accessible from any device. Also, you can wipe out the data from your machine remotely. Nother advantage is that Cloud providers take care of tougher security issues, such as keeping unwanted traffic from accessing the machines on which your data and apps reside and ensuring security updates to keep your data from being vulnerable to the latest security threats.

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