Pumpkins and fantastic characters at the Berg Halloween event

Because we are such a festive team, we emerged ourselves into the Halloween atmosphere and decided to organize a nice event. That’s why we all decorated and carved the Berg pumpkins.

We split into teams and each chose the most beautiful or weird pumpkin and decorated it as we saw fit. We carved, painted and accessorized it with a lot of creativity and created the most inventive pumpkins. We had pumpkins painted in other colors, pumpkins decorated with flowers, giant teeth and hats. The most important aspect is that we worked together and each team transformed their ideas into a wonderful final result.

We posted the pictures on our Facebook page and our colleagues and Facebook friends voted for their favorite pumpkin characters. We gathered around 1,100 likes in total. On Halloween, we enjoyed themed candy and scary accessories. The Bergsylvania team, consisting of Cosmina, Luminiţa, Loredana, Mario and Mircea, was the winner, their party pumpkin being the most popular on Facebook.

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