Snack Friday – the monthly event for the Berg Software foodies

You probably already know that we have a rich organizational culture and food plays an important role in a lot of our activities, probably because all of us really love a good snack shared between friends. So, every month, we celebrate friendship at the office with a great cooked meal prepared… by us.

Every last Friday of the month, at the Berg lounge, we put together Snack Friday, our favorite internal event. Here’s how it works: mainly we pick teams, mostly from our own department, for a teambuilding exercise – cooking together. The rules are simple: each Snack Friday has a special theme depending on the menu, teams need to have 4-5 members to help with the cooking along with a coordinator „Chef”. Also, all the food has to be cooked in the Berg kitchen.

Until now, we cooked tasty hotdogs, French fries with yummy sauces, crunchy sandwiches, a spring Romanian menu, an appetizing barbecue, a flavored traditional gulaș, some delicious soup and many more delightful treats. If you like to cook… or to eat and you are passionate about programming, you would fit perfectly in our team.

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