5 Soft Skills That Make You a Better Software Developer

Good soft skills are a big asset when talking about success. Hard skills are the tehnical stuff that you need to know in order to do your work like technologies & programming languages, but clients want to work with people who also have social abilities, who are trustworthy, punctual, hard working and a good company. So these soft skills are more like superpowers that can differentiate you from the rest. These are the main soft skills you need to have OR look for in a software developing partner.

1. Teamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work so you should be able to work well with others. The success of a team relies on all of its developers, designers, project leaders to get along and work in a productive manner. Make your working environment more fun and remember that having different points of view makes for a better learning experience. Collaborative effort is very important so allow team members to actively take part in discussions and recognize a job well done.

2. Problem solving

All’s good when everything goes well, but what happens when you need to face a real problem? The way your software team does it says a lot about their professionalism and ultimately affects long term relationships. Find the problem, have an objective approach, work together to get a solution and fix it without any drama.

3. Accountability

It’s not easy to take ownership for your mistakes or admit that you didn’t choose the best decision and that’s why accountability is a great quality to have. The important part is that you acknowledge the issue, accept responsibility and start resolving it. Don’t hide from your mistakes because your colleagues can also learn from them.

4. Time management

Your clients don’t want a software partner that will deliver delayed projects and that will get lost in the details. Knowing how to manage your time is crucial. It’s important to focus on what’s important, get tasks done efficiently and prioritize your to-do list. Don’t multitask, instead give something your full attention.

5. Communication

Programmers should be able to explain technical information to non technical audiences – so good communication skills is always the key at work. So, choose team members that are not afraid to speak up, that communicate efficiently and that are good listeners. Don’t interrupt people and get your message across effectively by using verbal, nonverbal and actively listening skills.

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