Benefits of Working in the City Outskirts

Sure, it’s nice having a downtown office – easier access, a lot of restaurants and countless amenities on your doorstep, but going to work in a not so central/ busy area also come with some amazing benefits. That’s why more and more companies are now seeking office space on the outskirts of a city.

A lot of space just for you

In the city, the offices are all crammed together and you have to share your limited working area with a lot of people, but in the outskirts, you can have all the space you need. At Berg, we have our own three floor building with a lot of room for everyone to feel comfortable in. We also have a nice courtyard and garden, where we organise our events.

It’s still easily reachable

If the office isn’t in the city center, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get there by tram or bus, that actually stops round every corner. Or a better idea – you can cycle to work and avoid the morning crowds. You will have a faster route to your office and you don’t have to find a parking spot.

Nice clean air

We say fresh air can give you a good productivity boost. Drinking our coffee in the morning on the patio and eating our lunch outside makes us more relaxed. And as the spring comes, the air here smells of cherry blossom and fresh cut grass.

Great view

Some prefer the view from a 10 storey building, but other people want to watch the sun rise over the horizon in a crisp morning, without any distractions, at the office. And it’s really relaxing to peek out the window and see a more chill view in contrast with a busy concrete jungle.

Less traffic

This is a big time saver. It’s well known that office conglomerates create a huge traffic jam in the morning and at peak hours. If you work at the edge of the city, you don’t have to worry about being stuck in traffic. As a bonus, you will always have a parking space, as opposite to city centres, where parking is very expensive and time consuming.

Peace and quiet

If you live in the urban area, you know how loud cities can get. So if you want a more quiet environment, without cars honking, people screaming and construction site noises, the outskirts are for you! This will keep you focused!

Food is cheaper

We all now that food and groceries are a lot pricier downtown, but if you work at the edge of the city you can get food at a much lower price. Also, you will always find a table at a restaurant or on the terrace to enjoy your meal at the same quality.

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