8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Right Now

One of the main services that Berg Software offers is OUTSOURCING. But what does this concept really mean, which are the outsourcing benefits? The concept of outsourcing refers to the externalization of certain processes of a company to another firm or individual.

You can outsource any service, from recruitment and accounting, to IT services (e-outsourcing). Many companies choose outsourcing (offshoring or nearshoring) because sometimes it is more convenient to buy a service than to do it internally.

Romania is among the top 10 preferred outsourcing countries globally and top 3 in Europe, especially due to the large number of foreign language speakers and IT specialists. Offshoring is the outsourcing process by which a company from another country is subcontracted to outsource services.

Outsourcing has many benefits for a company, including:

1. Reducing costs

Thanks to outsourcing, you no longer have to pay to train your staff when they have no experience in a particular field. Also, there is no need to invest in state-of-the-art software and technologies to support office activities, such as work space or administrative expenses. These issues will be handled by the contracted company.

2. Optimize working time

When you subcontract specialists, your entire operation will go faster and you will gain the time you otherwise have invested in training, meetings and team management actions. Experts in the field will handle your project and that means more time for you to invest in your business. Also, by outsourcing you no longer need to spend time on recruiting.

3. Access to specialists

Outsourcing software solutions guarantees an improvement in company performance because an expert will perform an activity much faster and much better than a non-specialist employee on a particular segment, as he already has the necessary experience. This saves money and time for training and reduces risks. Specialists will find the best option for your business.

4. Focus on core activities

When you entrust processes to another company, much of your work load is gone and you have time to focus on the core segments of your business. Thus, the company will experience an increase in efficiency and productivity while lowering resource consumption.

5. Provide modern solutions

Subcontracting to software development companies in Romania, for example, some side-activity within a firm can make the company more open to new solutions, given the fact that you give control to another company. By having expertise in this area, the specialized firm will offer far more innovative and optimized options.

6. Risk management

Taking into account that outsourcing organizations have experience in this sector, they will perform the risk analysis and risk management plan in a professional manner. When you work with an external team, the risks are shared.

7. Operations control

Unmanaged departments and operations that use uncontrollable resources are the first to be outsourced to specialists who usually have extensive management experience. Also, outsourcing provides business continuity, controlled workflow.

8. Flexibility of hiring

Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to contract a dedicated team for a project, which you can release from responsibilities when the project is completed. The alternative would be to hire staff for the specified period and pass through candidates through a long process of recruiting, selecting and training only to get back to it by the end of the project.

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