We moved to Hawaii for the Berg Summer Party

The Berg Summer Party is one of our favorite events and this time we chose a hot holiday theme that kicked off a party that no one will forget. So on 07.07.2017 we organized the most epic Hawaiian party, in our own back yard.

The biggest attraction was the Hawaii bar with special cocktails, decorated with exotic fruits and colorful straws. Our drinks were named after our three colleagues, Ene, Gugu and Body, who celebrated 10 years of Berg. We wish them “Happy Birthday” and as many professional and personal achievements as possible.

We did our best to recreate an evening party in Hawaii with themed music, garlands, lanterns, exotic punch, torches, and flower decorations. What’s more awesome is that our colleagues embraced our theme and they came dressed as if they were going to a party on the island. We danced a lot and we enjoyed being together in such a pleasant environment.

And because all the dancing made us a little hungry, we enjoyed a barbecue prepared by two special chefs and fresh salads, which everyone savored. Learn more about us and become our colleague!

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