CSR: 6 ways in which Berg helps protect the environment

We believe it is crucial for every company to take action to help protect the environment, regardless of its domain of activity. Protecting our work environment is a group responsibility so every one of us respects and promotes our green guidelines. We all recycle our waste, use online communication tools instead of paper, turn off and unplug our electric equipment when we are not using them, turn off the tap water after using it and save electricity as much as possible.


Decreasing the electricity consumption


The main resource Berg utilizes is electric energy. Through our environmental objectives we have set the goal of lowering our energy consumption and we managed to use less energy every year, even though our IT park has grown. To this end, we have replaced our old computers with newer ones that are energy-saving, we have swapped our desktops with laptops, we have set an automated on/off schedule for our server systems and we have replaced some of our physical servers with virtual ones.

Recycling and selective collection

Recycling is one of the most important activities in our community regarding the environment. Berg has a strict selective waste collection policy and we have signed a longterm contract with a sanitation company. Our colleagues use special containers for recyclable items.

Reducing the use of paper

Starting 2015 we have stopped sending paper invoices to all our clients, and switched to electronic invoicing instead. Our goal is to reduce paper consumption within our company by actively participating in environmental protection actions. Also, the little paper that is still consumed in our office is recycled every year.

A green office

We love flowers and all kind of plants so every season our office is filled with fresh new amazing flower pots that add to the office’s aesthetic value. But did you know that they absorb airborne pollutants, carbon dioxide emissions and emit healthy ions and oxygen, acting as air purifiers? We carefully choose the best plants for the indoors and improve our office design as well as our health.

Biking to work

Biking is fun & easy and biking to work is another level of it’s eco-friendly enjoyment. Therefore, in the summer of 2016, all of us decided to cycle to and from work and we called this event bergVello/ weeks. By pedaling to work, we help the environment and at the same time we boost our health and energy. Moreover, we practice carpooling and we use public transportation to reduce car pollution.


Supporting the local food community


Thanks to the fact that we have our headquarters outside Timișoara, in the heart of Ghiroda, we always choose fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables and other healthy products for our internal events. We are huge foodies and every month we organise activities that revolve around homemade food. We love fresh tomatoes, bell peppers and radishes, green salad, seasonal fruits like strawberries and cherries grown by our neighbours which we support.

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