Berg Software’s 30th anniversary: What does the future hold?

As we started the countdown to our 30th anniversary, we got to think about what Berg Software’s future looks like. Where do we “see ourselves in 5 years”, both as a company and a community of software developers? We’re not clairvoyants, but we know that the first step to reaching your goals is to imagine them.

So, here are our plans for Berg Software’s future:

The work

One of the defining traits of great software developers is that they are always on the outlook for great projects. It is one part self-challenge + one part craving for self-development + one part dare to leave a mark.

At Berg Software, we were lucky enough (and yes! hard-working enough) to always work on increasingly tough and impactful client projects. So, if there is one thing that we wish for Berg Software’s future, is to never settle for anything less than great and challenging.

…Because, at the end of the day, great and challenging is what keeps pushing us forward.

The private lives

Finding a balance between work and team’s private lives is challenging, no matter what your work is. That’s why, at Berg Software, we made “balance” a priority. The reason is very simple: through balanced private lives, software developers get brain- and heart-space for creativity and hard work.

On top of that, within a small company, everyone eventually shares parts of their lives with everyone else, thus gradually knitting a family-like environment at work. This creates an extra safety net for people to take innovative, uncharted routes when it comes to their work.

Therefore, for the foreseeable future, we can only see ourselves protecting everyone’s balance and private lives. If nothing else, at least for the smiles and the good vibes.

The springboard

During the years, Berg Software has been the springboard for the successful careers of multiple generations of software developers. Whether they went on, or still with us after decades, or just recently joined, we are happy to be the place where they grew and learned the trade.

This might make us old school, but we are now at the age when resilience takes the place of intensity, and mutual support replaces hardcore competition. We see it as the age of maturity, and we plan to be part of people’s successes, as we grow wiser ourselves.


Now, to everyone who has supported us along the way, and got us to the 30th anniversary:


…and let’s keep doing great things together for the next 30.

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