User management services for global automotive supplier

User management services for global automotive supplier _

User management services: new user creation, changes for the existing users, deactivations. To be handled for the following systems:

  • Active Directory
  • SAP
  • Each task is added to a ticketing system. An individual ticket is created for each new user, change or deactivation.

Client _

  • Worldwide automotive company (components and parts supplier)
  • >30000 employees
  • USA

Business case _

  • Execute large amounts of user provisioning and deprovisioning operations, in a performant and cost-effective way.

Industry _

Services _

  • Managed services

Project type _

  • System administration services
  • User management services

Technology _

  • SAP
  • ActiveDirectory
  • ServiceNow
  • Sharepoint
  • Office365

Challenges _

Developing a user management solution for our client came with its own set of challenges. Regular managed services usually do not involve technical challenges but rather performance-related ones, such as:

  • Maintain consistent task-solving ratio, despite the occasional low speed and hiccups common to large corporate IT ecosystems.

Solutions _

We met client’s high expectations with straightforward user management solutions:

  • Clarify and optimize the processes.
  • Provide accurate statistic reporting and analysis regarding the service level.
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